15 awesome memories from 2015


2015 has been a mixed bag of good and bad. That’s life though. And to be fair, the good things have been really good. Inspired by Sarah’s 36 favourite moments from when she was 36, here are 15 of my most awesome memories from 2015.
1. Realizing recently that no one close to me passed away this year. Sounds odd but I do think this is really something to be grateful for, and I am delighted that they’re all heading into 2016 with me (I know there’s still a couple of days to go – NOBODY DIE!!!!)
2. Doing my Reiki training and having some wonderful moments of insight during the attunement
3. Doing another mindfulness and meditation course, and meeting some great new people
4. My Moniack Mhor retreat and making some awesome new friends
5 Meeting Matilda for the first time and catching up with Sarah
6. Meeting Elise for cake in Thurso and sushi in Glasgow
7. Watching the Backyard Babies from the front row at a gig with my oldest and best friend
8. Halloween outfit shopping and lots of laughs in Glasgow with my sister
9. Meeting up with my Moniack buddy in Aberdeen and *ahem* not paying for things
10. Meeting up with another Moniack buddy and her husband in Glasgow for lovely food, plenty wine and a great night out
11. An early morning walk along the cliffs where I saw a teeny flock of 5 goldfinches
12. Another early morning walk where a robin sat on a pole just inches from me and sang to me
13. Going for a post-birthday curry with my family, where we got so many free starters that we could barely eat our main courses
14. Spending a weekend doing volunteer training in Inverness with some smart, funny, inspiring people
15. Getting my first short story acceptance from a  magazine!
Here’s to 2016!
What were your favourite moments of the last year?

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