16 awesome memories from 2016

Here’s a shocker: 2016 wasn’t all bad. Yes, loads of celebrities died, and the UK and US made some questionable decisions about their future. Yes, I had all sorts of horrible personal shit going on. But good stuff happened too. So, following on from my 2015 post, here are 16 awesome memories from 2016!


1. Realizing recently that no one close to me passed away this year. Same as last year, but just as awesome.
2. Doing my Reiki level 2 training
3. A wonderful walk around Olrig Churchyard
4. A holiday to the Costa Del Belfast (31 degrees!!!), where we visited the Titanic Museum and the Giant’s Causeway, and accidentally bought pints of beer that cost £9 each
5. Nezumi, Yurei, Kumo, Tzuki, Hoshi, Miko, Shiro, Reika. Love my rats
6. Winning not one, but two, writing competitions!
7. I finally walked up Dunbeath Strath, and had probably one of the loveliest days of 2016. It was magical
8. Christmas dinner with my family in an Indian Restaurant. 8 courses, anyone?
9. The cheeky wee starling sitting on my bathroom window sill, singing it’s heart out. I sat on the floor and listened to it for ages
10. Helping to run two courses on self-management for people with chronic pain. Met some wonderful, inspiring individuals, and made some new friends
11. Getting my first article published
13. A trip to Glasgow for the football with my sister, and meeting Elise for sushi
14. Coming across a load of tiny brown frogs beside the pond at work
15. Meeting Patsy for the first time, and talking about writing while eating cake
16. Realizing that I live 30 seconds from the beach, and 30 seconds from a specialist coffee shop. I am never moving!!


Roll on 2017!
What were your favourite moments of the last year?



4 thoughts on “16 awesome memories from 2016

    • Oh yeah, it’s the small things in life that really make it wonderful at times 😀 Same to you, have a wonderful 2017! x

  1. Nice post Andrea 🙂

    Learning more about who I really am and discovering that it is OK to be 100% yourself even if it means saying or doing things that people will judge you for. When someone judges you they are the ones that are suffering and require your compassion in return 🙂

    • Wise words, Rory. So true – it’s hard to be ourselves sometimes, but I’m discovering that I’m a lot less judgmental of others than I was, which in turn means I’m less inclined to worry about whether they judge me. It’s definitely a journey!

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