17 awesome memories from 2017

2017 has been good. Much, much better than 2016, and I’m in a far better place than I was this time last year. In fact, this has been the happiest I’ve been since 2013 – I’ll be honest and say I had 3 years of shit, for various reasons, but in 2017 most of the shit either went away or calmed down. And I’m excited to find out what 2018 will have in store. I haven’t blogged much this year, maybe that will change and maybe it won’t but as is now tradition, in no particular order here are 17 awesome memories from 2017 (2015 and 2016 years are here.)

1. Realizing recently that no one close to me passed away this year. Same as the last 2 years, I’m so blessed in that respect
2. Seeing in the New Year at the street party I helped to organize, with some lovely people, awesome music and mostly mild weather
3. Being brave enough to try online dating and meeting up with some lovely guys (and also being amused by messages from some not so lovely guys!)
4. Overcoming my phobia of swimming pools and actually being able to swim by myself, completely unaided!
5. Saving a vole from the cat, and having it run up and hide under my scarf for safety
6. Two trips to Glasgow with my sister – we went to ice hockey, 2 football matches, a gin tasting, and a Kiss concert!
7. Rediscovering the 90s wonder that is GUN, then going to see them in the Barrowlands, which made me feel 18 again
8. Stalking Dregen from the Backyard Babies up Sauchiehall Street
9. A wonderful weekend with two friends from Australia – we ate out, went on some local walks and spent a day at the first Thurso Midsummer Madness event
10. A 3-day zen retreat in which I attempted to find the truth of who I really am
11. Getting a new tattoo. It’s been a long time
12. Meeting both my brother and my nephew for the first time ever
13. Some solitary trips to places in Caithness I’d never been before. I didn’t blog about Munsary Croft, but I did blog about Achanarras Quarry and Dirlot Cemetery
14. That weird night where I watched the Northern Lights and listened to the sea go crazy
15. Finally being able to stroke one of the timid feral cats at work
16. Going to see the Killers at the SSE Hydro with my uncle
17. Spending Christmas Day volunteering at the Thurso Community Christmas meal. Lots of laughs, new friends, a lovely meal and reaching out to people. This, to me, is what Christmas is all about and I was honoured to have the chance to spend it helping others.

Here’s to a great 2018!
What are your favourite moments of the last year?

4 thoughts on “17 awesome memories from 2017

  1. Thanks for sharing your moments, Andrea. My highlights of 2017 definitely involve connecting with friends – physical, virtual, old and new. May 2018 continue your streak of positivity. And I look forward to reading more of your lovely stories too – I try to keep an eye out for you in The People’s Friend.

    • I’ve loved connecting with friends in 2017 too – it was a great year for making new ones and catching up with old ones. And thanks for that – I’m so glad you look out for my stories, and I hope there are some more in it soon! Hope you have a great 2018, both personally and on the writing front x

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