faffing and zooming with my new camera

I have a new camera!!!

After months of deliberation, and of taking home various CDC models then deciding that they’re too scary for me, I’ve settled on a Panasonic DMC-FZ72 bridge camera.

I love photography, but I’m very much self-taught. I’ve learned a lot from Sarah and also from doing my 365 in 2013. I’m clueless about how cameras work though, and what I can do with them. But I’ve mastered my Lumix DMC-SZ1, so wanted something newer and fancier to play around with. Plus my old camera has two annoying squiggles on the lens/sensor and I’m sick to death of editing them out!

I went for this model because its basically a bridge version of what I have, so the controls are similar but with a few added extras. I’m still at the messing-about-with-it phase and I dedicated last weekend to taking photos of all sorts of crap, just to get a feel for it.

It’s bigger and bulkier, obviously, which will take a bit of getting used to but otherwise its lovely to shoot with and has loads of awesome features. Most seasoned photographers would probably be underwhelmed but for me its a world of discovery. The best thing in my opinion so far though, is the zoom. I love a good zoom, me. And this one has a 60x zoom which was very appealing.

Here’s a shot of Scrabster Lighthouse. I must be standing really nearby, right?
WRONG!!! Look how far away I am. Admittedly it looks further away in the photo than it actually is, but woah!

And here’s the horizon. That hazy bit in the middle is Orkney which is far away.

But here is it close up! You can make out the Old Man of Hoy perfectly!

Here’s Scrabster Harbour all retro-looking, because there’s a thing on the camera that does that (not the technical term for it, you’ll be surprised to know).

Here’s some birds on a roof.

Here’s a photo of a bonzai plant – it was just a black blob until I did some faffing with the camera and now you can see the leaves! Exciting!

The rats had to get in on the action.

And as a final bonus shot, here’s the full moon in Pisces on Saturday night. I can take night shots now! Expect some Aurora Borealis photos soon, if I can bring myself to stay awake long enough to see them.

What type of camera do you use? Do you like it? Do you know much about photography or are you an over-excitable amateur aswell?

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