nine reasons why autumn is awesome


Apparently autumn officially started on September 22nd. I’m a bit more simplistic, in that I divide the seasons up by months, so in my mind it started on September 1st. Either way we’re pretty much in throes of it now.

I’m ignoring all the moans about the end of summer, the nights drawing in and the cold weather (was it ever not cold this year?!). Instead I’m embracing all things autumn. Its a bit of a blogging cliche to write posts about seasons, but I love reading what other people love about the season changes so I’m going to jump on that bandwagon and do my own post.

My absolute favourite thing about autumn is the season itself – its my favourite of the four (spring comes a close second). There’s something so magical and hopeful about it, despite the inevitable dampness and decay. I for one am truly grateful for this season, and here’s why…

The smells

Every season has its scents but I love the crisp, fresh smells of autumn. Chimney smoke, bonfires, spices, apples, root veg soup, warming stews, apple crumbles, earth, rain, decay…and that distinctive but unexplainable smell of a chill in the air.

The sounds

Mostly crackling. Dry leaves, sparklers, logs on the fire. Also the honking of geese as they fly overhead towards warmer climates (sensible creatures) and the crunch of biting into a fresh UK-grown apple.

The colours

Brown, yellow, gold, orange, russet, red. With a bit of green and black thrown in. Such a lovely pallette.


The weather

Seriously. OK, not when its windy and wet but when its one of those cool days when the sky is blue, the leaves are crunchy, the birds are singing and those glorious smells, sounds and colours above are abundant. That’s what I’m talking about.

Dark evenings

I’ll be honest and say this was my least favourite thing about autumn but I embrace them now. Lets face it, if the weathers going to be shit its best we don’t see it. It’s a great excuse to get the fire going and drink some hot chocolate or mulled cider while reading a book. Dark nights and frost also mean clear, visible skies. One of my favourite things to do is take a walk along the seafront in late evening; there’s no one around and I can see entire constellations, plus the aurora borealis if I’m really lucky. This beats even the loveliest summer evening walk.

Wrapping up warm

I probably spend most of the year wrapped up warm, but still, autumn is the time of year when the winter boots and coat are hauled out, plus the hats, scarves and gloves are washed and ready for action. Its also a good excuse to invest in some new jumpers and cardigans. I love that feeling of being wrapped up warm on a chilly morning.

That back to school feeling

I know I’m not the only person who indulges in stationery at this time of year. Remember that feeling of opening your new pencil case or writing your name on your crisp new jotter? There’s something about autumn that makes me want to start afresh – to renew my current goals in life and decide what I want to do next. Possibility and excitement are in the air. Halloween, Guy Fawkes night and Christmas are all on the horizon.

Seasonal foods

Most people don’t eat seasonally nowadays, but there’s no doubt that seasonal foods taste better when they’re actually in season. Apples, pears, blackberries, root veg and game meat are my autumn go-to foods, with which I make soups, stews, crumbles and pies.

It makes death look beautiful

Not much terrifies us mere mortals more than the thought of death. But essentially autumn is death, and it knows how to rock it. There is no doubt that a tree with golden leaves is far more stunning than one with green leaves. Autumn is a reminder that everything changes and death is inevitable. Autumn doesn’t fight it. Autumn doesn’t fear it. It lets nature take its course as the cycle continues. There’s nothing quite like death to make us feel more alive.

 What do you love about autumn? If its not your favourite season, what is, and why?

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