On a puffin hunt

on a puffin hunt

Every spring I take a walk to Duncansbay Head with the hope of seeing some puffins. Once, a couple of years ago, I saw one from a distance. Just one. Just once. But ever the optimist I still head there at least once a year in the hope of glimpsing another. They’re such colourful, jaunty little birds and while they’re not rare as such, they’re damn hard to spot.

But this year, I struck gold. There were LOADS!!! Well, there were four. Which is loads. And I had both the binoculars and camera on hand to make the most of them.

The other seabirds below are fulmars, which are also really pretty but have a habit of spitting a salty sea water/stomach oil concoction over you if you get too close. Nice.

Puffins, on the other hand, are pleasant sea birds that do not spit on people. But they don’t have colourful beaks all the time – its just a show for the mating season. And they’re a delicacy on the Faroe Islands – can’t comment on that as I’ve never tasted one ( and I can’t imagine there would be much meat on them either….)

**Note – these birds were surprisingly far away from me, and my camera isn’t the greatest, so excuse the blurriness*




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