on working the four day week

on working the four day week

Back in January I applied for voluntary redundancy. I had plans. I would get a year’s pay which I could probably stretch to 18 months. During that time I would write a lot, learn new things, maybe do some part time work (in reality I’d have been more likely to sleep a lot, read and faff about, but still…). It wasn’t to be though, but I’ll forever be glad I was brave enough to take that chance. As an alternative, I also applied to cut my weekly hours from 35 to 30, to go from 5 days of 7 hours, to 4 days of 7.5 hours. This was approved, and started on 1st April.

I already know its going to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made

The pay cut isn’t ideal but I can totally live just as comfortably, and its a good trade-off for an extra day devoted to other parts of my life. I had grown disillusioned with my job, but now it doesn’t seem so bad. I only work one more day than I have off. It feels so much more balanced. I feel so much more balanced.

My day off is usually a Monday. I get up at the same time as work days, I exercise and meditate as normal. But then I write – I work on short stories or my novel. I go for a walk along the beach. I meet my mum or my sister for lunch. I do coursework. I drink cafetiere coffee┬árather than instant coffee. I cook proper meals for lunch, rather than salads or sandwiches in plastic tubs. I do annoying nagging errands like going to the bank or the post office, rather than rushing home to do them after work.

Its wonderful and I wish I’d done it years ago. Life feels slower, but in a good way. I can’t say I’d never go full-time again because who knows what’s round the corner, but for now, this is how life is, and it’s pretty good.

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    • Thank you – you’re right its definitely overlooked, and its not until we really think about it, that we realise just now important it is.

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