Photo an Hour – August 2016

Photo an hour is organised by Jane and Louisa – anyone can join in and post their photos on social media using the hashtag #photoanhour, or do as I’ve done, and put the photos in a blog post.

It hardly seems like a month since the last #photoanhour, but here it is, and I’m so pleased that I remembered it again! Will this now be a new monthly thing for me? Time will tell….

8am – a hot drink and three pages of journaling


9am – a 20 minute meditation. I like the Insight Timer app – I’ve made friends all over the world and some of us try to meditate at the same time each day


10am – on the street with Mother; she was planning to buy some trousers for a posh do she’s off to in the evening


11am – in a charity shop, and really wishing this jumper was adult size, because dinosaurs (sadly its aged 4-5)


12pm – home now. Hoshi was awake so I took him out for a bit. The rats are notorious for not posing for photos, however he did take an interest in my camera strap so I managed this sneaky shot


1pm – reading a magazine and drinking coffee


2pm –  view of some chimneys just across from Caithness General. Now, I should point out that I don’t always spend my Saturdays visiting the hospital, but, weirdly, just like last month’s photo an hour, my sister is in for treatment as she’s having complications from gall stones, so here I was again


3pm – in the hospital. She’s been in a lot of pain over the last few days (gall stone in your liver duct, anyone?), but she’s a lot brighter today


4pm – still in the hospital


5pm – visiting hours are over until half 6. My parents are off to the Castle of Mey for the evening, so I’m staying in Wick to keep my sister company. I went for a wonderful chippy down at the harbour, then went a walk up the riverside. This was an accidental shot when I was messing about with the camera, but I quite like it


6pm – went to the supermarket for some juice for my sister, then back to the hospital


7pm – she isn’t keen on the hospital water so I’d brought some diluting juice and bottled water


8pm – home, and it’s rat time. I could not get them to stay still, no matter what shutter speed I used! This outtake sums my attempts up


9pm – although they did decide to sit together and massacre my magazine….


10pm – the boys are away, so it’s Kumo’s turn to get out. I’ve turned this hamster cage base into a playground for her, and she loves it. I went to bed shortly after


Do let me know if you joined in – leave your links below!


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