Photo an Hour – July 2016

Photo an hour is organised by Jane and Louisa – anyone can join in and post their photos on social media using the hashtag #photoanhour, or do as I’ve done, and put the photos in a blog post because my phone network does not allow internet access away from wi-fi (I’m looking at you, Vodafone).

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to join in for aaaages. And sometimes I’ve started off, but forgotten about it midway through the day. This time though, I remembered! Perhaps more because I was out and about and taking photos anyway, but either way, here’s how my Saturday went.


7am – woke up and looked outside, to try and assess whether today’s weather would be suitable for an adventure. Figured it didn’t look too bad, then went back to bed and read for half an hour.

7am (768x1024)

8am – breakfast time; Turkish eggs from Anna Jones’ excellent book, A Modern Way to Eat *

8am (1024x768)

9am  – off to the health food shop for some snacks for today’s adventure. Also dropped some stuff off at the charity shop, and bought a kitsch old bird ornament thingy

9am (768x1024)

10am – today’s adventure: a walk up Dunbeath Strath!

10am (1024x768)

11am – after an hour of walking through some amazing woodland, I’ve reached the gorge known as Prisoner’s Leap. Not sure the story of a prisoner leaping across it is true, but whatever….

11am (768x1024)

12pm – I’ve climbed the gorge and I’m walking along a track towards what feels like the world’s remotest cemetery. Here’s a pic of an abandoned house with Scaraben in the background

12pm (768x1024)

1pm – back at the gorge, having a rest at the top. I tell myself I’ve stopped to enjoy the view, which is part true, but mostly I’m stalling because I’m dreading the clamber back down the gorge (getting up was easy, getting down, not so much…)

1pm (768x1024)

2pm – I pass a Highland Cow as make my way along the river to the car

2pm (768x1024)

3pm – in Caithness General. Don’t panic! I made it down the gorge in one piece, I’m in visiting my sister, who’s fine but under observation

3pm (1024x768)

4pm – still in hospital. I feel slightly awkward taking photos in a ward with other people, but I’m managing to do it kind of discreetly

4pm (1024x768)

5pm – off for food with my parents and a family friend

5pm (768x1024)

6pm – food eaten, off back to the hospital

6pm (768x1024)

7pm – view of Wick Library roof from the hospital day room. We were hoping to watch the Gala parade from here, but visiting hours were over before it started

7pm (768x1024)

8pm – instead we watched the parade from the hospital grounds. Some amazing floats and costumes; as always, the Wickers did themselves pround

8pm (1024x768)

9pm – home at last, and its rat playtime. The boys absolutely refused to stay still for a photograph. Kumo was slightly more obliging

9pm (1024x768)

10pm – added the game bird feathers I found today to my feather collection. Their colours make a change from the usual black or white gull and crow feathers!

10pm (768x1024)

11pm – time to read for a bit before I go to sleep

11pm (768x1024)

And that was my Saturday! Do let me know if you joined in – leave your links below so I can have a look at your day!

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10 thoughts on “Photo an Hour – July 2016

    • The Star Wars float was awesome, definitely my favourite! Haven’t heard if it won or not, though…..

  1. Are you enjoying the Louise Welsh book? I loved it, but was disappointed in the second and am now waiting for the final book in the trilogy because I have to finish it now I’ve started!

    • I finished it yesterday, and enjoyed it much more than I expected, as it isn’t a book I’d normally read (I bought it from a charity shop – can’t remember why I picked it, but I’m glad I did). Hmm, that’s a shame that the second one isn’t so good, but I want to read it too – really love the backdrop of ‘the sweats’ so I’d like to see it unfold from a different angle. Here’s hoping the third book is more like the first!

  2. How lovely that you saw a Highland cow on your walk. Thats when I realised you might live in Scotland! Hope your sister is on the mend.Nice feather collection.x

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