project 333: month 1

In this post I mentioned I would be doing Project 333 during 2016.

It’s now the end of month one. I thought I would be tearing my hair out and lamenting the lack of clothing choices, but its been fine.

At the end of December I prepared my 33 items for January and February (I’m doing the first batch as 2 months only due to seasonal changes – the rest of the year will be in 3 month batches). My 33 items are as follows:

Jacket x 1
Boots x 3 pairs
Handbag x 1
Necklace x 1
Jeans x 5
Skirt x 1
T shirts x 5
Long sleeved t shirts x 2
Vests x 2
Dress x 1
Tunic x 1
Jumpers/cardigans x 10

Also the following items not included in the 33:

Yoga trousers x 1

Yoga t shirt x 1
Work jacket/fleece/t shirts x 7
Pyjamas x 2 sets
Hat/gloves/scarf x 1 of each
Slippers x 1 pair
Trainers for keeping at the back door for when I need to nip outside! x 1 pair
All underwear

The photo above shows most of of my current 33. And excuse the shit photography; taking a decent photo was the least of my worries when I was faffing about with this. Indeed, picking the 33 items was tricky as I was trying to cover as many eventualities as I could. In the end I mostly went for layers, because its winter.

And yup, so far its been OK. I had to remove one cardigan because there was a jumper in the wash I’d forgotten about, but otherwise there’s been no changes and it hasn’t been a hassle. Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

  •  I can live with less clothes than I thought
  • Less choice means less indecision
  • I’m creating pairings and combinations I otherwise wouldn’t have gone for
  • I could probably live without jewellery
  • Most of my jeans are starting to wear between the thighs, and nearly every t shirt has a secret rat bite somewhere

I’m keeping a list of how often I wear each item so I’ll get a picture of what I never wear so I can get rid of stuff. My opinion of the project may change over the coming months, but that remains to be seen.

Are you doing Project 333? How are you finding it?

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