the story of a forgotten camera

**I was looking through my archives and found this post that I’d forgotten about! It’s so lovely that I felt it needed to be shown to the world again**

Not so long ago, an Edinburgh photographer bought an original 1960s Diana camera from a charity shop. Inside the camera was a roll of film, and in the box was a letter to the owner from a developing studio in Glasgow, dated 1986 and advising them that the film could only be developed at a price of £1.90 per print (which, in 1986, wasn’t cheap).
The photographer developed the prints and was intrigued as to how the camera had ended up in an Edinburgh charity shop, especially considering the fact the owners address was in Thurso, Caithness (note to non-Scottish readers – Thurso is nearly 300 miles north of Edinburgh). He did some detective work and established that the owner was still alive and living at the same address, so he decided to send copies of the prints to them, along with a letter explaining how he came to be in possession of the camera.
The ‘original owner’ was my mother, and the photos were of family and neighbours from when she lived in Bower with her mum in the 60s. In true Diana style, they’re wonderfully dream-like and nostalgic; a beautiful record of a forgotten time.
The mystery isn’t completely solved though, as Mother has no recollection of the camera or of taking the pictures. She’s in one of them, so it’s likely that someone else took them.

We know how it ended up in an Edinburgh charity shop though – my cousin, who had lived in Edinburgh for years, moved house recently and recalls a camera from when she cleared out her house. How she had it, is anyone’s guess. As is how/why my mother sent it off for developing in 1986. However that was the year Granny died so its likely that she found it among her possessions.

My mum intends to show the photos to other family members who were in them, in the hope that someone recalls who took them. Simply because it would be nice to know. My money’s on my granny but it would be nice if someone could remember.

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